[making music with Kip]

What I love the most about my job is beginning the day with no ideas, no chords, no rhythm, in fact an empty pallet, and by bedtime having a head full of melodies, chords, sound-scapes and words, now that’s a good day!! I love to collaborate with other musicians helping to bring their ideas and music to a fulfilling conclusion, it’s all about the music. I would love to hear your demos, songs, unfinished masterpieces, sketches and concepts because one never knows where the next well of inspiration may open up from.

Please let me hear your music by sending MP3’s to web@kippermusic.co.uk and I will get back to you as soon as I can, with any ideas or thoughts that could be helpful to you. On occasion when I am away working I have also hired out my studio with engineer Joe Harding at the helm. This tends to be project related but does give certain bands and artistes the ability to work in the environment I have created and have the use of all the great gear I have built up over the years. Who knows we may even end up working together. This has happened with Lee Rogers from Ireland, Misa Relic from Serbia and Atlanta Morey from Australia, all bands and artistes that just got in touch.. Best Kipper

Here are some kind words from some of the great musicians I have worked with.

“I recognised Kipper’s energy, his sense of humour and his spirit as qualities I wanted to be associated with and our association has proved to be amazingly successful.” STING
“Working with Kipper is something I always look forward to. He has a way of bringing out the best in musicians and artists by allowing them to be themselves while getting performances out of them that are perfect for the project. Also, I always have a bloody good time and his sense of humour is first rate.” Dominic Miller
“Kipper's talent is like his personality, vibrant and irresistible. He is bubbling and bursting with creative ideas and yet he is also methodical and measured in his application and dedication to his work. He is an excellent musician and song writer and if that wasn't enough he is also blessed with an amazing singing voice. He has the rare gift of vision and skill that enables him to take any song from an acoustic gem to an absolutely incredible sounding track, as is evident in his extraordinary accomplishments as a producer. Simply put, Kipper is the consummate artistic professional, he is inspired and he gets results. He is a delight to be around and I loved working with him.” Julia Fordham
“As you may know,I have been working, for the last 25 years, with great artists, musicians and producers... I met Kipper during Sting's album "Brand New Day" and then we toured together for the Brand New day Tour. it was easy to work with him, he has a lot of knowledge musically and technically and as a producer, a lot of ideas, and always leave it open to grab the best from players for the only purpose of the recording and the essence of the music!, He was in charge again of the Sting's album: Sacred Love", we really got it quickly, probably cause of the musical emotion we developed since we met. I would say that Kipper is a member of that very exclusive world of great producers around the world!, made for getting the best of each players at the right time for the right goal!” Manu Katché
“When Kipper agreed to mix our latest album we knew it was going to be good. After the final mix took place we all got together to hear the recording one last time before the mastering process began. The results were amazing and far exceeded our expectations. Kipper understood exactly what was needed to bring out the best of what each song had to offer. The clarity of sound & the level of quality on each track was nothing short of stunning” Rory Thompson (Portland)
“Kipper has all the ingredients that are needed to be a great producer. Creatitivity, enthusiasm, courage, humour, and great people skills. He has a great ear for textures, melodies, and musical nuances. I have enjoyed immensely, the several projects I have worked on with Kipper, as well as several years on the road with him touring with Sting.” He is indeed a monster of production, and I hope I get a chance to work with him a lot more in the future. Jason Rebello
“It was a pleasure working with Kipper on the "Grace ep". I was impressed with his ability to stick to deadlines, and his creative input. Kipper creates a great working environment which is both professional and friendly.” Joy Rose
“I had the pleasure of working with Kipper on a song called "When You Come Around." It was, as is the way with most things about Kip, very relaxed and a painless experience. Except for his occasional attempts to touch me inappropriately. But in the end, he accepted that 'no means no.' Kipper's a great talent and I hope we get to work a lot more together.” Richard Marx